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Parents want to safeguard their children from pain as much as they can. They know that the world can be a harsh place and they want to shelter their children from that harshness for as long as possible. But when parents make the decision to end their marriage, they sometimes unknowingly expose their children to the pain that they have worked so hard to avoid.

Once parents have settled their divorce, many cringe at the thought of requesting a modification of support orders. They have exposed their children to a great deal of pain during the divorce settlement and therefore don’t want to risk exposure to more harsh emotions by moving forward with the request to alter their support ruling. Furthermore, they fear that they don’t have a good enough chance to win the case.

Bringing in the help of Ontario family law can help a great deal in deciding to move forward with a modification of support orders. These legal professionals have a great deal of experience with these types of cases and can help parents determine their chances of winning the case and also when the best time is to request a modification to the original ruling.

Parents can move for a modification of support orders once their original order has been finalized. Parents normally request a modification if they have had a change in financial status such as losing a job or suffering a pay decrease. Both parents can request the modification; the parent receiving support and also the parent that is paying the support. The parent that is receiving support generally requests the modification when they can prove that the parent paying support has more income than when the original support order took place.

Once the decisions have been made and finalized by a court, some parents don’t know if or when they should request a modification of support orders. Parents can request a modification to the orders once the divorce and original support order has taken place. Ontario family law can help parents determine if and when to request the support modification. These legal professionals are caring individuals and are extremely familiar with all of the factors that surround these types of cases.

Although some parents may hesitate to request a modification of support orders, they are generally required to support their children financially until the children have reached the age of majority, meaning that if the parent has good reason to request the modification, it may be in their best interest. Consulting with Ontario family law can help a great deal in determining when the best time to request the case and how to go about requesting the change.

Parents may be afraid of exposing their children to more pain and harsh emotions by revisiting the support case but they could actually be doing their children a disservice by not requesting the modification. It is up to the parents to make this decision on whether or not to move forward with a modification request and what would be the best thing for their children.

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Article Source: Chances of Winning a Modification of Support Orders

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