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I don't know about you, but my laptop is a very important of my everyday life. It holds all my important documents and files that I need for my business as well as many other important things. So when something happens to it, I know that I can't wait 1-2 weeks to get it fixed. Instead, I need it fixed now! If you need remote support or you have a computer repair problem this can be easily and quickly fixed. Of course every problem is different and depending on the problem it could take time. But in most cases it's a very simple fix and takes a few minor adjustments. There are people and websites available online that can help you with ALL your computer problems. It doesn't matter if you accidentally deleted something you shouldn't have, you have a virus, or you need your data backed up - these guys can help you out in a hurry!

Once you find the website that you want to work with (make sure its safe) you will be asked to pay a small fee. Depending on which package you choose you will be asked to pay anywhere from $20 on up to $500. But believe me this is a lot cheaper than going to those "other" guys! Once you pick the package and you pay for it, you can then begin the remote support option, or whatever else it was that you paid for. Just for your own self-satisfaction, let's take a look at some of the things they might offer, along with some of the prices as well.

Support Package Deal #1
$249.99 - (A $109.97 Savings!) Our first support package gives you a value that no one else can offer! This package deal allows you to have four support instances. This means that you will get four fixes for a fraction of the cost. Instead of paying for four separate support calls, you get a package deal which saves you money in the long run.

Wired or Wireless Network Walk Through
$89.99 - Instead of having a stranger coming to your house, contact us! We can walk you through all of the necessary steps to set up a network at your house. Oftentimes your Internet provider will refuse to help you or charge you a premium with no guarantee. Put your trust in us, we are fully capable to walk you through it!

Complete Security Package
$89.99 - The Complete Security Package is the best way to deal with potential threats that can compromise your computer. Let's face it; you have better things to do. Worrying about the security of your computer should be left up to the professionals. Let us help you arm your computer with the necessary patches and software to prevent a future infection. Stop a problem or threat before it can happen!

General Fix
$89.99 - Application issues (not working or failure), error messages, system failure, blue screens, sound problems, etc.

One website I found today actually had a chat box where you could talk to support about any questions or concerns you might have. Actually, I visited the site in the morning time and a support person was available and then I visited again at night and the same support person was available. So these guys ARE there all the time, and they are there to help you out! By the way, these are real people. Not computer AI or anything like that. Ask them a question and you shall receive a friendly hello and an answer! For the quality, the price and the friendliness you really can't beat it! This is great if you really are in a hurry and need something done quickly.

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