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An important assistance and information resource, such script troubleshoots problems and queries of clients. A help desk support is delivered via e-mail, BBS, fax or a toll-free number.

Most scripts include an internal logging function that notes queries on a problem work sheet. A script can either resolve the problem immediately or forward it to the appropriate branch for resolution. In many situations, such a script can become the public face of the department or organization.

The level of services offered by an organization can determine its growth and development. As a fundamental and core part of a business enterprise, a CRM facility can handle and manage complex customers queries, select the right tools and take independent decisions.

Most support ticket department build on performances, and as the department improves, the management becomes a daunting task. Fortunately, over the years, new and innovative techniques of help desk management have emerged to assist the manager in the deployment of requisite tasks and operations.

Functions of a CRM script:

-Software created for help desk management offers the support facility the ability to resolve and track requests of support.
-A web based ticket system offers efficient features such as improvement in the e-trade business, providence for after-sales support and direct communication and promotion among existing customers.
-CRM employee monitoring facility that records and logs individual action of members in the support process.
-Maintains a knowledge database of call logs and queries, classifying them according to the level of urgency and solution.
-An audit trail to account and monitor targets and calls. The audit trail automatically documents all actions performed within the system parameters.
-Creating new trends in the 'help' system that would aid in the improvement of products and services.

Popular Software for CRM management
'HelpSpot' is a popular software that can handle needs of help desk. Given below are the features present in management software:

The Dashboard:
The dashboard offers the ability to monitor changes and movements on the help desk. Offered with a developed graphical-user-interface, the dashboard an excellent high-level, real-time view of the ticket system.
These are the key features of
-Dynamically generated graphs offering a visual view of requests of recorded requests
-The request ticker shows the last 10 requests in the system

Event Reports
This features not only processes SQL querying tools or Excel ODBC connections to make reports, it also offers the power of customization, where the user can add fields for reports, fields such as: Peak hour of the day, day of the week, month of the year for requests, Speed to resolution for staff and overall, staff workload can be added

Filtering of Requests
'Helpspot' can help track requests right to the source and IP address. Filters included in 'request filtering' feature are "agent, time period, a full text searching tool and email domains".

If you need a powerful solution for your support make sure you check out the Premium Response Help Desk Management Software for more info.

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