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When you think of roadside assistance programs, you probably think of an assistance plan that will provide coverage should you or anyone in your family become stranded on the side of the road. You probably think about the business trips you take, the vacations your family go on each summer, or the long drive back to college when your child heads out the door.

However, roadside assistance programs are also available for vehicles that don’t fall into the “private passenger” category. Such vehicles include business-owned vehicles like commercial vehicles, fleet vehicles, and rental vehicles.

Purchase Roadside Assistance for Your Business-Owned Vehicle

Until now, you might not have known roadside assistance is an option for your business-owned commercial, fleet, or rental vehicles. It is! Many companies that offer roadside assistance programs also offer special plans tailored for these kinds of non-private vehicles. Consider enrolling in a roadside assistance program if:

•Your business uses commercial vehicles to pick up and/or deliver goods or services. Such vehicles might include delivery trucks, maintenance vehicles, or vehicles used to carry your business’s equipment.
•Your business employs drivers to operate a fleet of vehicles to provide transportation services to people. Such vehicles might include taxicabs or busses.
•Your business offers rental vehicles.

Talk With A Roadside Assistance Company About Coverage For Your Vehicles

When you’re ready to start shopping for the right roadside assistance program for your commercial, fleet, or rental vehicles, be prepared to discuss the following with company representatives:

•The number of vehicles you want to cover.
•How kind of vehicles you want to cover.
•How your business uses the vehicles.
•Who drives your commercial, fleet, or rental vehicles.

Each of these factors might go in to determining the cost of and coverage available with your roadside assistance program.

Save Money With A Roadside Assistance Program

You might think enrolling your commercial, fleet, or rental vehicles in a roadside assistance program is just another unnecessary additional cost. After all, running a business with so many vehicles costs quite enough as it is, right?

However, when you protect your vehicles with roadside assistance coverage, you’re actually saving money. Many roadside assistance plans offer assistance when your driver:

•Runs out of fuel.
•Experiences a flat tire.
•Locks his or her keys in the vehicle.
•Needs a “jump” (recharged battery).
•Needs the vehicle towed.
•Needs emergency transportation.
•Needs assistance planning trips and getting directions.

Each of these situations can be quite be costly and time consuming, but with a roadside assistance program you pay one flat fee each year for all of the services. Plus, you’ll have the assurance that your drivers and your vehicles are protected should roadside emergencies arise.

When searching for a roadside assistance program for your commercial, fleet, or rental vehicles, make sure you shop around for a company that specializes in roadside assistance for these kinds of vehicles and offers the coverage you want at a price that fits your budget.

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Article Source: Roadside Assistance Programs – Going Beyond Private Passenger Vehicles