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An Internet Marketing Service that is most dependable would be one that indulges in what is considered as 'ethical' SEO methods. There are different ways to go about optimizing your online presence and you may wish to get the instant gratification unethical means may provide, but that would most likely spell disaster for you in the long run.

This is where White Hat and Black Hat SEO come in. White hat SEO is actually more of the "organic" SEO, wherein high rankings is achieved through "natural" means like providing useful content in your website for your visitors and in effect, would hopefully gain you a good amount of traffic and more links from other sites that also appreciate the information you provide. Search Engines such as Google strongly encourage white hat SEO practices and these are what are considered to be ethical in the internet. This is understandable since Search Engine Companies wish to provide resulting websites that are going to be useful for their users so that their users will have a better internet experience and will be more likely to continue using their search engines.

Black Hat SEO allows for quicker attainment of SEO goals through taking advantage of loopholes in the search algorithms of search engines. This could be considered to be "artificial" search engine optimization. Each search engine has a certain formula for computing rankings for every web page for each keyword. Search engines do not disclose this formula to the public and is a closely guarded trade secret. However, many have still been able to find ways around this search algorithm through experimenting and which has led to Black hat SEO practices. Some internet marketing companies offer such an Internet Marketing Service. These practices, though not illegal, are highly discouraged by Search Engine companies and if a site gets caught exploiting the technical loopholes in the search algorithm, the website will not be displayed in search results any longer.

In my opinion, it is always best to go for white hat practices. It will prove to be for the good of all of us that make great use of the internet. Imagine not having to filter through junk sites just to get to a website that provides the content you were actually looking for. That makes for an even better internet experience for all of us.

Besides, all search engine companies do their best to make sure to crack down on the websites that are exploiting the system they have set up. One of the ways they do this is by making adjustments to their search algorithm every once in a while, which would expose a number of sites that depended on some technical loopholes in the algorithm. The algorithm shift is also done to ensure better, more accurate search results for the users.

An Internet Marketing Service that would be best for you is the one that puts your site visitors' needs first. Having useful content will have them most likely revisiting your site and better yet, more likely to avail of your products or services.

Hope this has been enlightening enough for you that you would actually help promote practices to better improve the internet experience for all. Go for an Internet Marketing Service that does not indulge in black hat SEO.

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Article Source: Internet Marketing Service - White Hat and Black Hat Methods

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