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The next day delivery is probably the most commonly utilized service by most people who use a courier service to move their goods between their facility and that of their customers. Any Miami courier service will get calls all day long requesting next day service, but many people aren't sure when the exact deadlines are to make your last call in order to request a pickup for next day delivery service. The actual deadline will differ from company to company, and will depend not only on the routes they run, but also the total area that they service as well as the hours that they operate their business. If a courier is open as regular hours until midnight, they may take pickup orders for the next day until then, but a company that is only open until 7:00 PM might consider any calls after that as a part of their after hours service and may assess a surcharge for requesting service during those hours.

The next day pickup service that is offered by a courier will also depend on the service area which they cover. For a company that covers a much larger area with its next day delivery service, there is more planning that needs to go into routing the various vehicles they send out to ensure that all deliveries are in fact completed by the time which they have been promised. For those which cover a slightly larger area, the typical cut off time for such orders is 5:00PM. That way, the company has enough time to not only route and schedule the most practical pickup route, but also to plan any delivery and redistribution which might be required to make the deliveries go as smoothly as possible.

If you find that your business has a lot of orders come in towards the end of your business day, or even after, then you want to find a courier which allows next day courier service scheduling after regular business hours are done, such as the example where the courier was open until midnight. If you do happen to miss the next day cutoff, remember that for a slightly higher fee you can usually access a courier which offers a same day delivery service, as long as the location is within the service area. It may cost a bit more, but you will get your delivery to your client by sometime the next day.

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Article Source: How Late in the Day Can I Schedule a Pickup for Next Day Service?

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