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In times like these, where every customer can make a difference in your bottom line, there are ten reasons your customers deserve fast, quality service:

1. Their time is valuable, so fast quality service is expected.

2. A customer impressed with accuracy and efficiency will become a repeat customer.

3. Without the customer, you would have no business, so customer satisfaction is required for a growing business.

4. If you don't take care of them, your competition will.

5. Fast, quality service allows you to handle more customers, more efficiently.

6. Technology exists to give fast, quality service and so use it to your advantage.

7. Fast, quality service gives the customer more time for other things, making them more productive.

8. In a highly competitive market, if product or service prices are the same, the thing that sets you apart is fast, quality service.

9. Customers have busy schedules so fast, quality service is expected.

10. Your customer deserves fast, quality service, because they are paying for it, which then pays your bills and paycheck.

With the technological advances to telecommunications, many tasks and improvements can be accomplished by using the GSM, which stands for Global Systems for Mobile Communications and SMS, which stands for Short Message Service, often called text messaging.

By using an SMS Printer, which consists of two units – the printer and a GSM Control Unit with antenna – or just a single combined unit a customer can send a text message which will be printed directly in the establishment who will then end up with a written copy of orders therefore reducing the human error factor of phone ordering. Food orders can be sent directly to a kitchen's SMS Printer, which uses cellular technology and does not need a phone line.

An SMS Printer is a great solution for a number of applications, such as delivery cars and trucks, where the unit is connected to the vehicle, not the driver, so delivery instructions can be relayed in near real time.

Restaurants that offer "curbside to go orders" can get orders through a customer's text messaging by SMS and sent directly to the restaurant's SMS printer in the kitchen and at the cashier. In the time it takes the customer to drive from a few blocks away, their order is prepared and still hot and waiting for them to arrive.

This makes picking up dinner on the way home from work barely a blip on the radar screen for the customer, and frees up table space and servers for the restaurant.

The SMS Printer is really a general communications device that can be used in an endless number of situations, for both backend communication between business employees or frontend communication between the customer and the business. It is especially suited to the service industry including restaurants, courier companies, delivery companies etc.

GSM technology and SMS Printers have advanced the ability to give fast, quality customer service in many business large or small, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Oliver Lewis is an entrepreneur. He develops software and other systems that help restaurants in the fast-paced world of take away and fast food. For more information on the SMS Printer see

Article Source: 10 Reasons Your Customers Deserve, Fast, Quality Service

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