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Starting a home based cleaning service is not only affordable, but requires very little set up time, as you can develop a series of services for your local area, purchase supplies and set up shop in a matter of a few short weeks.

With busy parents struggling to keep their homes tidy, to the elderly who need a bit of extra help around the house and garden, you could easily tap into an ever growing market right in your local area.

In regards to the legalities of starting a home based cleaning business, you'll want to consider getting licensed and properly bonded. This provides customers with assurance that you are a professional, and will provide them with the protection they need. After all, odds are that you'll be in their homes while they aren't present.

You also have two primary options when setting up your home based cleaning service. You can choose to cater exclusively to residential areas or include commercial properties in your marketing message.

Keep in mind that in order to service commercial areas you will require bonding and additional insurance (along with licensing depending on your local area, as well as individual commercial requirements including security clearances and personal security checks).

The commercial arena is usually far more competitive than residential with larger cleaning services catering to businesses, so you might want to consider targeting residential areas first, and later when you've gained experience, expanding your service to include businesses and retail outlets.

The equipment needed for a home based cleaning service will vary, depending on the types of services you are willing to provide.

You will need an industry grade vacuum cleaner, dust clothes, mops and cleaning clothes to get started, but you should also consider the different types of polishes and cleaners available to you.

Many people aren't fond of strong, scented cleaners being used in their homes due to how abrasive these cleaners are on furniture, but another thing to keep in mind is whether there are people with allergies in the home.

An alternative is to purchase "green" cleaners that are both effective at cleaning even the toughest spots, but also environmentally friendly to both pets and animals.

You can also use this to your advantage via your marketing message as well, by highlighting the fact that you only work with all natural, toxin free cleaners, so potential clients are given extra incentive to hire you.

As for your service list, you could start off with a basic service listing that includes common cleaning services such as:

- Washing Floors, Sweeping - Dusting - Washing Windows - Replacing light bulbs - Washing Walls - Vacuuming - Waxing Floors - Cleaning specific rooms (bathrooms, attics, organizing, removing trash, etc)

And you can later extend your services to include all of the little things like laundry, dishes, making beds and even a bit of yard work.

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Article Source: How To Start a Home Based Cleaning Service

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