When your baby starts a business, it triggers a whole series of changes for them, for you, and generally for the whole household. You may not be ready for this and it is a big jump for many parents. Often your child will change before your very eyes, and this can be discomforting, although it can also be exciting if you look at it the right way. As a parent you need to be adaptive and responsive, and of course supportive, and if you can trigger these adaptations then you are well on the way to assisting your teenage entrepreneur. And of course it will highly beneficial to yourself.

When teens begin to make decisions affecting employees, contractors and clients, they definitely become more independent. But at the same time they will be willing to discuss these subjects with you if you are willing to be a springboard of ideas and any knowledge you can volunteer. If you can provide this element you will start to become involved with the business also and this is a natural progression. If you feel this is occurring discuss with your teenager how they see the developing relationship working from a commercial perspective. You both or all need to have a clear understanding as the business develops.

In some cases a really successful teen entrepreneur may turn the usual parent-child roles on their head. There are instances of this and sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. What role does a parent play in a minor's business? And how do you separate the parental responsibilities from whatever role you will be playing? These are tricky questions with no clear answer other than in every case it will be different, and will depend a lot on the social development of both yourselves and your child. Expect your child to be somewhat more demanding, and significantly more committed than with anything else they have done before. If they have their own business and miss a single day's work, they could be out whatever investment they (or you) put into the business, and when they see the dollars its going to be times 3.

Further, your teen may look to you to assist in as many ways that you can - its likely to be taken for granted. They will call on you to provide contacts with potential customers and clients. Naturally while being keen to assist your teenager to get off the ground, its only natural that you will provide your relationships and contacts with some trepidation. A prep discussion with your teen is useful as well as some prep work with your contacts whatever type they are.

And then there is business fundamentals; writing a business plan, setting up tax structure, talking to accountants, bank managers, and other important business necessities You can assist them in all these areas as well as with research to see if their idea is feasible. At some point you will notice that you have picked up a workload that is possibly more than you bargained for, and you may not be getting any return for this. This again prompts a review of what your roles are and I will introduce two roles in the following text.

Silent Partner

If you have a lot of confidence in your teenager then you can adopt a more passive and less intrusive role. You would then be there for providing the occasional expert advice, assisting with a problem, and the occasional business legality. Since minors are not permitted to sign contracts, they may need you to "front" for them with anything legal. eBay, for instance, requires that the seller be over 18. Or you may need to guarantee a loan or lease agreement. Naturally I don't need to tell you how careful you need to be but with a good parent teen relationship these matters can be handled comfortably. Almost all teens that run any kind of significant business will need their parents to authorize transactions at times.

Being a silent partner means putting a lot of faith in your child. You need to ask yourself what the limits to the agreement are and will you have some input to the making of the decisions? The more involved with decisions, the less you remain a silent partner.

Involved Partner

You may have a greater role to play, especially as you may feel obligated due to the legal nature of responsibilities by parents towards children. And of course your own household rules may provide for your greater involvement until your child reaches the appropriate age. If you help to finance the business, you may have something financial at stake at its success. In this case you will retain a voice in developing the direction and structure of the company because your money is at stake. Essentially,you are a shareholder, and you will need to work with your teenager to see that he/she understand what the role of a stakeholder is. Again good communication about role and responsibilities is crucial at all times

Your teenager is starting a challenging and rewarding development which will impact all of your family. It is a special event and should be treated as such, and your teenager should be rewarded for their courage and fortitude. Learn how you can support your entrepreneurial teenager while protecting your relationship together, and of course all financial and legal responsibilities you all have. I have really only touched on the subject but I hope I have provide enough of a window to start with. From here, with effort from everyone, you may arrive at being proud parents of a gifted and successful teenage entrepreneur.

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No region of the country has escaped the troubled economy. Here is no exception. Reports from your local Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer shows that business is up quite a bit over that of one year ago. The average Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer is reporting a solid case load and even a back log. While business is good it comes at a price, and that price is seeing the local economy in disarray and seeing people struggle with some very hard decisions. The bankruptcy lawyers, however, are providing a much needed service by helping to keep a balance in the local economy between debtors and creditors.

Many individuals who find themselves in economic distress are surprised. They had previously paid bills on time, paid their mortgage and saved some money in their retirement funds. When the financial struggles started many thought it might be temporary or that they had enough assets to ride out the storm. And in a normal situation they might have, but you take one blow after another, such as devalued real estate or a job loss or loss of savings, and it proves too much.

The smart thing to do when finances start sliding is to recognize it. If one thing happens treat it as an emergency and devise a plan. Try not to put things off. Today's economic climate will not allow for too many slip ups. Take a few moments and commit it to writing.

Most people who have started on that downward spiral financially will need help in reorganizing their finances. They will eventually turn to a lawyer and seek relief from the courts.

Finding a good bankruptcy lawyer is not hard. Finding one who can take a person on as a client might be harder. Remember, they are busier than last year. Ask a relative or a friend if they have any any names that they might refer. It might be surprising that they do. Many people have had to reorganize their finances and have had to hire a lawyer to do so. If a relative or a friend cannot help, use the internet to research web sites of lawyers and law firms, as well as bar association sites. Sometimes community or church related organizations can help, too.

Once a lawyer is retained than advice can be given relating to the specific case. Sometimes the lawyer will advise not to file a consumer bankruptcy or will recommend either a Chapter 7 (liquidation of all but exempt assets) or a Chapter 13 (reorganization of debt and repayment of creditors) filing. These are the Chapters for most filings.

It will be a while before the economy begins to recover. Meanwhile, there will be many victims. The competent Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer will help in being the mediator or sorts between the many debtors and creditors who need to see things resolved.

When faced with overwhelming debt and the possibility of bankruptcy, a Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer can offer advice and help get your financial situation back under control.

Article Source: Seeking Assistance From a Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyer

It’s great to know that there are a number of resources available to offer students the help they need with math. But what’s even better is that much of this assistance is now online. Whether you want to prepare for a math test, or get through a difficult homework assignment, it can be done via the Internet.

But with all of the great resources available to you, how can you make the most of them? In other words, how can you make sure that you take advantage of the right resources for your math needs? One great way is to learn just what’s out there for you.

Live Chats

Did you know that you can take advantage of live chats as a part of the online tutoring experience? This is great for those who can’t access a face-to-face tutor, but still would like human interaction to be a part of their tutoring session. This is especially important for math where problems can become extremely in-depth, requiring the assistance of a live person for guidance. It is for this reason that if you need help with math and want to make the most of online tutoring, taking advantage of live chats may be a great route for you to take.


Another great way to take advantage of online math assistance is online tutorials. Not the same as working with a person through live chat, tutorials typically come in the form of interactive online programs that answer questions or provide step-by-step instructions for problems. If you’re thinking of working with tutorials, keep in mind that unlike live chats they will most likely not be able to help you with specific homework problems. Tutorials will instead be able to help you through practice elements of the math subjects you need help with.

Online Problems / Printable Worksheets

Other ways to benefit from online math assistance are taking advantage of online problems and printable worksheets. The Internet makes getting help with math convenient and fun with online math problems that allow you to practice, practice, practice from the comfort of your home. With online problems, you can work through them and receive answers automatically. This offers a great opportunity to create a practice test environment. On the other hand, if you like putting pencil to paper, you can print worksheets and work on problems this way.

Downloadable Software

Yet another feature of online math tutoring assistance that you can take advantage of is downloadable software. Much like online tutorials, downloadable software offers the opportunity to work through interactive problems. The major difference between the two is that once your software is downloaded, you don’t have to go back online to use it. This is great for those who don’t have in-house Internet access but have a computer that can manage the software.

So what’s your next move? Are you ready to make the most of online math assistance? If you are, then it’s time to determine what form of assistance will work best for you. What are you waiting for?

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When it comes to shopping for emergency roadside assistance coverage, the least of your worries will be finding a variety of roadside assistance clubs to choose from. An assortment of companies you already do business with probably provide roadside assistance coverage. Your insurance carrier, for example, has probably offered the opportunity to add roadside assistance services to your policy, and your cell phone or credit card company might have told you about roadside assistance clubs they do business with or recommend.

You might feel compelled to sign up with one of these clubs, and for several reasons. You’re already familiar with the company offering the deal, you already have the information in your hand, and you might even get a discount for going with a club another one of your service providers recommends.

However, even though each of those reasons is attractive in its own right, none of them mean that particular roadside assistance club will be the best fit for your budget or your coverage needs. Before you get wrapped up in the ease of purchasing roadside assistance from a company you’re already doing business with, take the time to research other options.

Talk With Friends And Family

Word-of-mouth among family members, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers is often the best form of advertisement because it’s often the truest form of advertisement. When people experience good products and services, they want to share with others; likewise, when people experience poor products and services, they want to warn others.

Talk with people you know and trust about the roadside assistance clubs they belong to. Ask questions like, “What do you like the most about the club?”, “What do you like the least?”, “Do you plan to renew your services?”, and “Would you recommend the club to others?” Their answers will likely give you a good idea about how they feel about the roadside assistance clubs they belong to and whether or not learning more about the company is something you should do.

Browse The Internet

The Internet might be the most flexible resource when it comes to finding a roadside assistance club because many companies provide informative websites for current and prospective customers, and you can browse numerous websites in one sitting. So, not only can you check out roadside assistance clubs you hear about from other companies you do business with and your family members and friends, but you can also look for other clubs that might fit your budget and coverage needs.

Check The Better Business Bureau

No matter which company you choose or how you find the company, check the Better Business Bureau website for information about the company. The Better Business Bureau is dedicated to providing consumers with information about particular businesses, and the website is a great resource for finding out business ratings and accreditations, consumer reports, and government actions.

Keep in mind that you might not find the company you’re interested in listed on the Better Business Bureau website. Although it’s an excellent resource, it’s not all encompassing and just because a particular business isn’t listed doesn’t mean the business isn’t creditable.

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Article Source: Roadside Assistance Clubs – Take the Time to Research Several Companies

Roadside assistance for rental cars and fleet vehicles is very unique. Most rental cars were built in the last 7 years and typically have less than 30,000 miles. These vehicles don’t typically need towing services and rely more upon services that are not motor related. For example flat tire fix, lockout and directions are the most common services used by rental car drivers.

Roadside assistance for construction vehicles is typically more expensive due to the industrial use that these vehicles see. They are driven harder, loaded down with more weight and can have flat tires once per week from nails on jobsites. Prepare to spend almost twice as much for construction vehicles compared to regular automobiles.

Roadside assistance for service vehicles has its own nuances. While they are not driven or used to the extremes that construction vehicles are, they have usually been modified for deliveries or the particular service for instance carpet cleaning and flower delivery. These modifications make breakdowns far more likely and therefore the costs of roadside assistance increase.

The bottom line on roadside assistance for commercial vehicles is that it costs more. You can however, really save money when you cover more vehicles. Volume discounts are the only way to make commercial roadside assistance affordable. Discounts start adding up when 15 or more vehicles can be covered at once.

Be prepared to purchase after receiving multiple quotes. Each provider will need to see a list of your vehicles and will provide a price per vehicle for the entire fleet. A comparison then needs to be made to make sure that you are getting relevant services. Many companies are able to sell multiple services that a consumer would never use but the consumer buys it because of the number of services offered for the price. Make sure that you compare price to the services that are useful to your company and the employees who will be driving the vehicles.

Services most useful are towing, flat repair, lockout services, directions, connections and gas for when a person has run out.

In the case of towing there is not much to know. Typically a service that will take the vehicle to the nearest repair facility up to 50 miles is sufficient. Flat repair will consist of changing the spare if there is a problem and the driver is not able to do it, or plugging the tire so that the driver can get to a shop and permanently fix the damaged tire.

Directions and connections are just that. Call the service number and an operator will walk you through steps to get back on track if you are lost or an address to a location if you cannot find it.

The gas service is very useful in the rental car service due to the fact that people traveling clients can become distracted and run out of gas. The best use of gas delivery is to make sure that the fuel delivered is free. Who is to say when a driver or employee will have $5 to $10 cash for fuel in the time of an emergency?

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Article Source: Commercial and Fleet Roadside Assistance – What to Expect

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